Saturdays with Skurnik: Von Winning + Strub

February 3, 2018 3pm - 6pm

Saturdays with Skurnik

We have tons of exciting things planned at La Bergerie to start this year! We've had a great first month, we are especially grateful to everyone who has stopped by to get some fresh bread and try out our in-house cured meats. Another part of what we do is providing quality wine, from everyday pours to wines that you can cellar and age for years to come. That's what we love about the portfolio of Skurnik wines and why we have enjoyed working with them since Otto's opened almost five years ago!

As a part of our relationship with Skurnik, we are very fortunate to have David Salinas come up to Fredericksburg for six Saturdays over the next three months. Instead of bringing a 'grab bag' of wines, he will be sampling several wines from individual producers. This is the next best thing to actually visiting these producers, it is an opportunity to really understand what goes into the process of making these wines from vineyard to bottle. These are all family run estates from Germany and Austria who share a respect for the past while stepping responsibly into the future of winemaking in their respective regions.

Look through the list of dates and put them in your calendar, the tastings are open to the public and are free of charge!

Von Winning + Strub

We can't imagine a better start to our "Saturdays with Skurnik" tasting series than with Von Winning and Strub wines. Not only will these producers introduce you to what is grown in Germany beyond the noble Riesling, they will introduce you to a new style of Riesling emerging in Germany that emphasizes sustainable vineyard practices, minimal intervention in the cellar and a drier style.