About Us

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There is beauty in simplicity, and our story reflects an Old World approach to what is served at your table. La Bergerie is an artisanal wine bar and market specializing in fine wines, cheeses and charcuterie, curated by John & Evelyn Washburne and cured by Chef James Monzon. Our wine selection ranges from fun and affordable bottles to rare, hand-picked selections that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

All of our charcuterie is cured at La Bergerie with heritage Texas meats. Our goal is to let the quality of the meat speak for itself and with some patience it transforms into something truly extraordinary. Outside of what we make on site, you will find some amazing cheeses, fresh baked bread and unique gift items from artisans who have truly honed their craft.

These days it seems like you can find anything and have it delivered at the click of a button. At La Bergerie we want to offer a sense of place and excitement, the special sensation that you can only find these items at our little spot in Fredericksburg.